Interviews & Lectures


Domari: A moribund language of Jerusalem. Bar Ilan University, 27 December 2022

A city of languages: Implications for policy and practice. Panel discussion on the occasion of UNESCO International Mother Language Day. Central Library, Manchester, 21 February 2022


The languages of Manchester’s Muslims and Jews. Manchester Muslim Jewish Forum, 14 November 2021

Our city of languages live stream. Interview at UNESCO International Mother Languages Day online event organised by Manchester City of Literature, February 2021. Starts at 07:33 minutes.

Open for discussion: Languages and the pandemic: Public health engagement, School for Advanced Study Institute for Modern Languages Research, London, April 2021.

Documentation of Domari. Endangered languages: from documentation to revitalisation. CYPROM, April 2021.

Bilingualism: challenges and opportunities. Instituto Cervantes, Manchester, May 2021.

Multilingualism Matters. SIETAR Austria, May 2021

WPKN Tidings interview with Hazel Kahan about ‘The Romani Gypsies’, August 8, 2021


Contact linguistics and the evolution of the language faculty, Keynote lecture at the annual meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft, March 2020,

On researching Kurdish dialects, Kurdistan24 Production, 11 April 2020


‘Being Part of the City: Multilingual Manchester’ – A film by Matylda Wierietielny. January 2019.

Recognising Our Citizens’ Many Languages’, round table discussion hosted by Afzal Khan MP at the Houses of Parliament, London, May 2019


Lectures on language contact. CNRS, Paris, September 2018:

“Language documentation in contact situations”

“Borrowing hierarchies: A problem of epistemology?”

“The borrowing of morphology and the special position of predications”

Databasa zarên kurdî, Kurdish Library, Stockholm, 9 June 2018

Speech at Manchester Arabic School End of Year Ceremony 2018


MigRom project conference, University of Manchester, January 2017


Multilingual Manchester, ARC Centre for Excellence for the Dynamics of Languages, University of Queensland, Brisbane, February 2016.

How many languages do multilinguals have? ARC Centre for Excellence for the Dynamics of Languages, University of Queensland, Brisbane, February 2016.

Speech at the launch event of the AHRC OWRI project Cross-language dynamics: re-shaping community, University of Manchester, October 2016

A critical look at Europe’s policy on Roma (Gypsies), UNE Center for Global Humanities, University of New England, Maine, February 2016.


Multilingual Manchester. Manchester Urban Institute. November 2014.

The Struggle for Survival of the Roma People: Europe’s Most Hated, Vice News, July 2014

Migration von Roma – Chancen und Perspektiven. Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies, Munich, May 2014


Roma language and culture. European Academic Network on Romani Studies, Marseille Conference, September 2013

Roma communities living in the UK. Channel 4 News report and interview by Ciaran Jenkins.


Cutural hybridity, contact and contrast: The cases of Romani and Domari. ATELIER ÉCOLOGIE DU CHANGEMENT LINGUISTIQUE, LACITO, CNRS, Paris, 23 octobre 2008


The secret lexicon of Lekoudesch, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Lingua Franca interview with Maria Zijlstra, December 2007,


BBC World report and interview on launch of Romani Project website at University of Manchester